Why a Mailbox?

Here are 5 good reasons to work with MAILBOX POSTAL SERVICE can provide you with a real street address.

  1. If you are renovating your home and  need to be away from it during that time, Mailbox Postal Service can provide you with a location to receive all your correspondence, hold it and forward it to you anywhere you are.
  2. If you are traveling in or out of the country, Mailbox Postal Service keeps track of your important correspondence. We have a great service call instant email notification were you can see your incoming mail where ever you are in the world on your computer.
  3. If you do lots of online shopping and  have a very busy schedule during the day, don’t miss the delivers. Mailbox Postal Service receives and sign for all of your packages. If you are from another country and you use our service we can forward your packages any where in the world.
  4. If you are moving to the U.S and need to obtain a real street address before coming in the country, Mailbox Postal Service can give you a real street address this would allow you to receive legal documents, immigration papers and any other correspondence while you are outside of U.S.
  5. If you are going through difficult times, going through a divorce is a hard enough process. Keeping you correspondence private is very very important, legal correspondence, financial and banking information etc. Mailbox Postal Service allow you to do so, to keep everything confidential and easy to access for you with privacy and support.

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