Our service +plus program includes some useful features for our clients, providing them with a great resources so they can have absolute control of their personal and business correspondence.

  Business Mailing Address  

Al Mailboxes Postal Center, by renting one of our Private Mailboxes you will have a legitimate Business Mailing address usable for all of your private and business needs.

You have the choice of using 1014 Broadway, Santa Monica CA. 90401 with an extension which can function as “#” or “P.MB”.

 Our rentals includes a Instant Photo Notification 

At Mailboxes Postal Center, our clients have the option to decide if they want to stop by and pick up their mail or not, because they know exactly what they have in they mailbox. More importantly allow them to have control over their incoming mail whenever they are traveling for personal or business purposes.

This service is ideal for people or businesses that are located outside of the US or even outside of California, if they want to have presence in the L.A. and Santa Monica area.

Please, take a minute and see this video, learn about our service…



We receive all packages for our clients including: UPS, USPS, DHL, FEDEX ,etc.

(*no extra charges)

We scan personal mail /  ONLY IF REQUESTED by EMAIL FOR CLIENT

Scans need to be requested within 24 hours of notification day – First 2 pages of each letter or document are free (*no extra charges)

We receive Faxes for our clients

(*no extra charges) If they request printing (*extra fees apply)

We hold incoming Mail and Boxes no extra fees

(for a few days, if too long without notices *extra fees may apply)

extra large boxes needs to be picked up on the same day

We Deposit our clients checks

(ONLY IF REQUESTED *extra fees apply)

We Forward our clients correspondence to any address in or outside the US

(ONLY IF REQUESTED *extra fees apply)

and more…

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at Mailboxes Postal Center, we take our business very serious!!!

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