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at Mailbox Postal Service, we take our business very serious!!!


Helping you protect your privacy by renting a PRIVATE MAILBOX with a prominent street Address in Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Receive your Personal or Business Mail at a safe location.

More then 10 great reasons to get a private mailbox with us:

  1. Your Safety is important to us
  2. Privacy
  3. Business Mailing Address
  4. 24 Hour access
  5. We Receive YOUR Packages
  6. Photo notification
  7. Mail Forwarding
  8. Mail Holding
  9. Great location
  10. Virtual office at a real street address for you and your business
  11. Outgoing Mail Service

1 ) Your Safety is important to us: As our Client in Mailbox Postal Service once you have mailbox set up, you can rest assured that your valuable mail and packages will be safe at all times.

2 ) Privacy: As our Client you don’t have to worry about vendors, bill collectors, tenants, fans or prospective employees coming to your home or office when unwanted. You can also put your MAILBOX address on the world wide web without fear.

3 ) Business Mailing Address
By renting one of our “Private Mailboxes” you will have a legitimate Business Mailing address usable for all of your private and business needs. You have the choice of using 1014 Broadway, Santa Monica CA. 90401 with an extension which can function as “#” or “P.MB”.

4 ) 24 Hour access: As our Client in Mailboxes Postal Service you always have access to your mail, as you have a key to enter our store. There is plenty of street parking and the store is illuminated at all times.

5 ) We Receive YOUR Packages: Here at Mailboxes Postal Service you can receive all packages that require an authorized signature as well as hand delivered items. We will notify you instantly, so you can come to the store to get your packages. We hold larges packages for no cost for about 72 hours (call if you need an exception).

6 ) Photo notification
Our rentals includes a instant Photo Notification sent to your email of “some” of your incoming mail, that way you can decide if you want to stop by to pick up your mail or not. -This service is a courtesy and we will notify you when something that “WE” consider importance arrives. Examples: USPS certify, Priority and Express – UPS – FedEx – OnTrack – Legal letters and documents – Credit Cards – Checks – Government letters – and others

7 ) Mail Forwarding
We can forward your mail at your request to any address in the world with a low cost fee of U$ 4 plus stamps – for First class, Priority Mail and Express or $10 + shipping cost for Extra large boxes, UPS and Fedex

8 ) Mail Holding
If your Mailbox gets full, we send you a notification.
For 30 days we will hold the mail in a safe place, and you can pick it up at the front counter.
We can Hold you larger packages that come in the mail for a few days,  even a week.

9 ) Great location: Mailboxes Postal Service is in the heart of Santa Monica City in CA. Located at 1014 Broadway Ave. We are 1 blocks south from Santa Monica Blvd. and 2 blocks east from Lincoln Blvd.

10 ) Virtual office at a real street address for you and your business
By Renting with Mailboxes Postal Service in Santa Monica, CA 90401 US, you can have a Virtual Business Location with a real Santa Monica prominent Address. This is better than a P.O.Box as many companies will not ship to a address.

11 ) Outgoing Mail Service
If you are in a rush to drop off your outgoing mail, We can take care of that for you. All of the main mail companies come to us so we can safely leave your outgoing mail at our front desk and we will take care of that at no cost.

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