Service Cancellation

In order to cancel your rental service you need to follow this list

1 Return you key

  • There is two ways to return your key, stop by the location at 1014 Broadway, Santa Monica CA 90401 or sending it by mail to the same location.
  • If for any reason you lost your key, Mailbox Postal Service will charge you a restocking fee of $15 which can be pay by Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Check.

2 Email us regarding your cancellation to 15 days before your rental service is due.

  • You can cancel your account before your rental service is due, no after.
  • If you want to cancel your account after the rental service is due, Mailbox Postal Service, will charge you for a full month service according with your current monthly fee.

3 Change your address immediately.

Thank you for business
SM Mailbox Postal Service

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