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Mailboxes Postal Center is your best option when it comes down to renting a private mailbox. Learn more about our services by watching this promotional video: quick overview that will give you a better understanding of our services and goals…

Instant Notification Service

Instant Photo notification
Our rentals includes a Instant Photo Notification sent to your email of your incoming mail, that way you can decide if you want to stop by to pick up your mail or not, and more important allow you to have control over your incoming mail whenever you are traveling for personal or business purposes.

Take a minute and see this video, learn about our service…

Mailboxes Postal Center in Santa Monica


Mailbox Service for businesses

Mailbox Service For Businesses. Here are a few tips for small business owners.

If you need a registered address, Mailboxes postal Center may be of great help to you in the following areas:

If you are starting a new business and do not have an established business address, using our service will allow you to have presence on Santa Monica area as well present your business as a real business.

If you are planing to relocate in the near future, you may want to use a real street address for your business in the process or use it as a permanent billing address for your company, Mailboxes Postal Center allow you to have a registered address service until you finally find the right location and settle down.

If you have more than one business, you may have a need for a separate address. Mailboxes Postal Center can give you separate addresses for separate businesses, that way marketing,  legal purposes and confidentiality are just a few reasons why this may be important.

If you are traveling frequently for business or personal purposes, Mailboxes Postal Center can keep track of your important correspondence and notify you with the instant notification service (learn more about this service) when your mail arrives.

If you are running a home Business, many companies send hundreds of unsolicited offers every month. Mailboxes Postal Center help you keep your home address private and junk mail out of your mail box.


Note: Many clients want to deal with serious business people, not someone operating from a home or garage. Having our address with a unit number will immediately offer you a higher status. And that is what counts.

Why people need to use a Mailbox service

Let’s say that one of the main reasons to use a Mailbox service is for Personal Privacy

If you have the need of receiving your mail in a safe location, to keep your correspondence confidential, Mailboxes Postal Center will be the best solution.

If you are moving to a different place and you don’t have a address to receive your correspondence, Mailboxes Postal Center can provide you with a real street address.

If you are renovating your home and  need to be away from it during that time, Mailboxes Postal Center can provide you with a location to receive all your correspondence, hold it and forward it to you anywhere you are.

If you are traveling in or out of the country,  Mailboxes Postal Center keeps track of your important correspondence. We have a great service call instant email notification were you can see your incoming mail where ever you are in the world on your computer.

If you do lots of online sopping and  have a very busy schedule during the day, don’t miss the delivers. Mailboxes Postal Center receives and sing for all of your packages. If you are from another country and you use our service we can forward your packages any where in the world.

If you are moving to the U.S and need to obtain a real street address before coming in the country, Mailboxes postal center can give you a real street address this would allow you to receive legal documents, immigration papers and any other correspondence while you are outside of U.S.

If you are going through difficult times, going through a divorce is a hard enough process. Keeping you correspondence private is very very important, legal correspondence, financial and banking information etc. Mailboxes Postal Center allow you to do so, to keep everything confidential and easy to access for you with privacy and support.





Two ways to open your account with us

Two ways to open an account at Mailboxes Postal Center in Santa Monica CA

here is a very short video that will help you and answer all of your questions:


feel free to contact us for further information,

Mailboxes Postal Center Team

How to open a Mailbox Online

At Mailboxes Postal Center Santa Monica is very easy to open Your account online.

Please follow the next few steps. Give as a call if any questions at: 1 (310)-904-3253

1- Please complete the “Authorization of Mail Delivery through Agent” United States Postal Service form PS1583.

2- Have the form PS1583 signed by a notary (or comparable legal representative in your country)  if you are a U.S. residents may use to assist in locating a local notary.

3- Make a copy of two forms of I.D.

4- Mail all the paperwork to the following address:  1014 Broadway Santa Monica CA 90401 U.S.A.

5- congratulations, You are done!

Upon receipt of your payment and file your U.S.P.S. form PS1583 we will email you the receipt and Mailbox number.

Thank you for taking the time of reading this note.

MailBoxes Postal Center Team
1014 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA. 90401 U.S.A.

Instant email notification at Mailboxes Postal Center in Santa Monica CA

How does our Instant Email Notification Works at Mailboxes Postal Center Santa Monica.

At our location we have a great customer service. We work hard trying to come up with new ways to keep our clients updates of the incoming mail.
Here is a short video that explains how our instant email notification system works:

Give as a call if you have any questions at: 310.904-3253

or send us an email at:

Download for free the Form PS1583 – application to open a Mailbox

We are a Mailbox rental company located at 15o7 7th street Santa Monica CA 90401.

All customers need to fill up the form PS1583 to open an account anywhere in the US.

Here is a link so you can download the form: form1583 Mailboxes Postal Center

call us if any questions: 1(310)9043253

or email us at:


thank you!

Mailboxes Postal Center Team

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